Date de publication

18 janvier 2020


Braksmajer A., Walters, SM et autres


Intimate partner violence (IPV) significantly increases HIV risk among MSM. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) may provide MSM experiencing IPV an option for self-protection from HIV without requiring condom negotiation or compromising safety. This study examined relationships among various forms of IPV (physical, emotional, monitoring, controlling, and forced sex) and PrEP use among 863 MSM participating in a cross-sectional, internet-based survey. Participants reported IPV rates during the prior 6 months that were consistent with prior research (physical violence, 23.3%; emotional violence, 36.3%; monitoring, 45.1%; controlling, 25.3%; forced sex, 20.0%). Forced sex and emotional IPV were negatively associated with PrEP use in our sample; in contrast, controlling was positively associated with PrEP use. We suggest clinical IPV screenings among MSM seeking PrEP, as well as PrEP-focused interventions that explicitly address IPV.