Date de publication

31 mai 2019


Loo N., Lawitz E., et al.



The hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS5A inhibitor ABT-267 (ombitasvir, OBV), the HCV NS4/4A protease inhibitor ABT-450 (paritaprevir, PTV), the CYP3A inhibitor ritonavir (r) and the non-nucleoside NS5B polymerase inhibitor ABT-333 (dasabuvir, DSV) (OBV/PTV/r + DSV) with or without ribavirin (RBV) is a direct-acting antiviral regimen approved in the United States and other major countries for the treatment of HCV in genotype 1 (GT1) infected patients. Patients with HCV who are considered « hard-to-cure » have generally been excluded from registration trials due to rigorous study inclusion criteria, presence of comorbidities and previous treatment failures.


To investigate the efficacy of this regimen in HCV G1-infected patients historically excluded from clinical trials.


Patients were ≥ 18 years old and chronically infected with HCV GT1 (GT1a, GT1b or GT1a/1b). Patients were treatment-naïve or previously failed a regimen including pegylated interferon/RBV +/- telaprevir, boceprevir, or simeprevir. One hundred patients were treated with the study drug regimen, which was administered for 12 or 24 wk +/- RBV according to GT1 subtype and presence/absence of cirrhosis. Patients were evaluated every 4 wk from treatment day 1 and at 4 and 12 wk after end-of-treatment.


Many of the patients studied had comorbidities (44.2% hypertensive, 33.7% obese, 20.2% cirrhotic) and 16% previously failed HCV treatment. Ninety-six patients completed study follow-up and 99% achieved 12-wk sustained virologic response. The majority (88.4%) of patients had undetectable HCV RNA by week 4. The most common adverse events were fatigue (12%), headache (10%), insomnia (9%) and diarrhea (8%); none led to treatment discontinuation. Physical and mental patient reported outcomes scores significantly improved after treatment. Almost all (98%) patients were treatment compliant.


In an all-comers HCV GT1 population, 12 or 24-wk of OBV/PTV/r + DSV +/- RBV is highly effective and tolerable and results in better mental and physical health following treatment.


Dasabuvir; Genotype 1; Hepatitis C; Ombitasvir; Paritaprevir; Ritonavir