Date de publication

9 décembre 2019


McMahan, VM., Violette, LR. et autres


Background:HIV disproportionately affects cisgender men and transgender people who have sex with men (MSM/TG) and use methamphetamine. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) uptake has been slow in this group. It is important to understand perceptions about PrEP and barriers to its use among MSM/TG who use methamphetamine to reduce new HIV infections.


Methods: We conducted four focus groups with peer educators of a harm reduction program. We assessed their perspectives of PrEP and barriers across the PrEP continuum among MSM/TG who use methamphetamine.


Results: Notably, stigma related to the multiple marginalised identities of MSM/TG who use methamphetamine (e.g. MSM/TG-related stigma, methamphetamine-related stigma) was a barrier at each step. We developed a framework that combined the PrEP continuum and a stigma-based treatment cascade to explore these themes and describe the effects of stigma on PrEP engagement. Methamphetamine-related barriers were also identified. Conclusions: The findings of this study emphasise the importance of incorporating stigma reduction into PrEP delivery for MSM/TG who use methamphetamine.