Date de publication

19 juin 2019


Hayashi, K., Tachi K., et al



The incidence of mixed hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype infection is variable, and a few reports exist regarding the efficacy of direct-acting antivirals (DAA) therapy for mixed genotype. We aimed to investigate the prevalence of mixed genotype and its impact on the virologic response to DAA therapy.


A total of 365 patients with chronic HCV infection who completed antiviral therapy were recruited. Nested polymerase chain reaction with universal and specific primers of genotypes 1b and 2 and direct sequencing were used for HCV genotyping.


Direct sequencing with universal primers defined genotypes 1b (n = 230), 2a (n = 95), and 2b (n = 40). Direct sequencing of genotype 2 was performed in patients with genotype 1b, and direct sequencing of genotype 1b in patients with genotype 2. Four patients with genotype 1b underwent amplification for genotype 2, and direct sequencing identified genotypes 1b (n = 1), 2a (n = 1), and 2b (n = 2). None with genotype 2 underwent amplification for genotype 1b. Three cases were confirmed to have mixed genotype.


Mixed genotype was rare, and hence the impact of mixed genotype on treatment outcome with DAA therapy is expected to be minimal.