Le bulletin du Programme National de Mentorat sur le VIH-Sida et du volet Hépatites 
  Numéro 67, avril 2011 

Visioconférence - Les 101 indications pour faire la pharmacocinétique clinique des antirétroviraux
5 avril 2011 - Montréal

Visioconférence -
Transmission mère-enfant du VIH et du VHC: état des lieux et perspectives

19 avril 2011 - Montréal

1er Symposium sur la prise en change clinique des hépatites virales
29 avril 2011 - Montréal

7e Symposium de Québec sur les aspects cliniques de l'infection par le VIH
20 mai 2011 - Québec

Congrès à venir

17th Annual Conference of the British HIV Association (BHIVA)
6 au 8 avril 2011 - Bournemouth, Royaume-Uni

2011 American Conference for the Treatment of HIV (ACTHIV)
7 au 9 avril 2011 - Denver, États-Unis

12th International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology of HIV Therapy
13 au 15 avril 2011- Miami, États-Unis

20th Annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research (CAHR 2011)
14 au 17 avril 2011- Toronto

Calendrier 2011-2012


1er Symposium sur la prise en charge clinique des hépatites virales
Il est encore temps de vous inscrire à ce tout premier symposium sur les hépatites virales qui aura lieu à Montréal le 29 avril 2011. Vous avez jusqu’au 22 avril pour bénéficier d’un tarif avantageux.

7e Symposium de Québec sur les aspects cliniques de l’infection par le VIH
Le programme de la 7e édition de ce symposium, qui sera tenu le 20 mai 2011, est disponible. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessus.

The Hepatitis C Treatment Pipeline Report – Treatment Action Group (TAG)
Plus récent rapport du TAG décrivant les dernières avancées dans le traitement de l’hépatite C.

 CROI 2011 

Vers une cure

CCR5 Knock-out in Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Creating an HIV-resistant Immune System: Using CXCR4 ZFN to Edit the Human Genome

Successful and Persistent Engraftment of ZFN-M-R5-D Autologous CD4 T Cells (SB-728-T) in Aviremic HIV-infected Subjects on HAART

Prophylaxie pré-exposition

Effects of FTC/TDF on Bone Mineral Density in Seronegative Men from 4 Continents: DEXA Results of the Global iPrEx Study

MTN-001: A Phase 2 Cross-over Study of Daily Oral and Vaginal TFV in Healthy, Sexually Active Women Results in Significantly Different Product Acceptability and Vaginal Tissue Drug Concentrations

Pre-exposure Chemprophylaxis for Prevention of HIV among Trans-women and MSM: iPREx Study

RMP-02/MTN-006: A Phase 1 Placebo-controlled Trial of Rectally Applied 1% Vaginal TFV Gel with Comparison to Oral TDF

Co-infection VIH/VHC

Interim Analysis of a Phase 2a Double-blind Study of TVR in Combination with pegIFN-α2a and RBV in HIV/HCV Co-infected Patients


HPTN 046: Efficacy of Extended Daily Infant NVP through Age 6 Months Compared to 6 Weeks for Postnatal PMTCT of HIV through Breastfeeding

CROI: Low CD4 Should Prompt Quick Tx of HIV-TB

Race Differences in the Efficacy of Initial ART on HIV Infection in Randomized Trials Undertaken by ACTG

Are Sequential Pregnancies in HIV+ Women Associated with an Increased Risk of MTCT?

Full HAART Plus Other Interventions May Lessen HIV Epidemic

Success of Test and Treat in San Francisco? Reduced Time to Virologic Suppression, Decreased Community Viral Load, and Fewer New HIV Infections, 2004 to 2009

Articles scientifiques

Thérapie antirétrovirale

Atazanavir Plus Ritonavir or Efavirenz as Part of a 3-Drug Regimen for Initial Treatment of HIV Type-1
Annals of Internal Medicine

Résistance et mutations

Effect of transmitted drug resistance on virological and immunological response to initial combination antiretroviral therapy for HIV (EuroCoord-CHAIN joint project): a European multicohort study
The Lancet Infectious Diseases

Toxicité et interactions médicamenteuses

No Risk of Myocardial Infarction Associated With Initial Antiretroviral Treatment Containing Abacavir: Short and Long-Term Results from ACTG A5001/ALLRT
Clinical Infectious Diseases


Incidence and Risk Factors for Steatosis Progression in Adults Coinfected With HIV and Hepatitis C Virus

Controlled HIV Viral Replication, Not Liver Disease Severity Associated with Low Bone Mineral Density in HIV/HCV Co-Infection
The Journal of Hepatology

Autres maladies associées

Peripheral Neuropathy in HIV: prevalence and risk factors

Persistence of HIV-associated cognitive impairment, inflammation, and neuronal injury in era of highly active antiretroviral treatment

Increased Rates of Bone Fracture among HIV-Infected Persons in the HIV Outpatient Study (HOPS) Compared with the US General Population, 2000–2006
Clinical Infectious Diseases

An Official ATS Workshop Report: Emerging Issues and Current Controversies in HIV-Associated Pulmonary Diseases
Proceedings of the American Thoracic Society

Bipolar Medication Use and Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy Among Patients With HIV-AIDS and Bipolar Disorder
Psychiatric Services


Immune reconstitution under antiretroviral therapy: the new challenge in HIV-1 infection

Immunization with HIV-1 gp41 Subunit Virosomes Induces Mucosal Antibodies Protecting Nonhuman Primates against Vaginal SHIV Challenges


The Hepatitis C Treatment Pipeline Report
Treatment Action Group (TAG)

Communiqué de presse

Phase III Clinical Trial of Gilead's Investigational Elvitegravir Meets 48-Week Primary Objective

Top scientists unite to develop global scientific strategy towards an HIV cure
International AIDS Society

UNAIDS/UNDP/WHO concerned over sustainability and scale up of HIV treatment

Safety Review update of Abacavir: no statistically significant association seen between myocardial infarction and ABC
U.S. Food and Drug Administration


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